What is the instrumentation industry and how does it affect the common man?

Instrumentation is a large spectrum industry and encompasses all spheres of human life via Medical diagnostics, condition and environment monitoring to process control. 

Instrumentation is required for measurement, control and analysis of various parameters which directly or indirectly affects us and our activities.

Instrumentation helps us to test, measure and control parameters and in fact acts as a catalyst to development process.

This industry is actually dependant on the progress of other industries.  Positive growth in the economy will bring growth in this sector.

Demand for Civil Engineering Instruments is determined by two major facts  – either legislation or productivity.

To the extent that quality is related to productivity, the increased demand for quality that is being felt in the Indian market place because of globalisation as never before, is pushing this market to a new high.

With international barriers getting eroded, and the emerging convergence of economies, international legislation is coming to India but the real impact of this is yet to be felt as it is related to aspects of our legal system reform which will take time to give the necessary “teeth” to our legislative processes.  Once this happens there is no looking back.


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Solutions in civil engineering products and software

The civil engineering sector encompasses various disciplines, the most common being geotechnical engineering, land surveying, structural engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering, and hydraulic engineering. Every sub-sector makes use of a variety of software tools while the course is imparted as well as while practice on a vocation/profession. The common task of a civil engineer is to serve the infrastructure industry and designs related to infrastructure depend on the accurate parameters of load, pressure, drainage and flow. The design, construction and maintenance bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings, all termed as ‘infrastructure’, are not as easy as they seem. A lot of research and calculations are taken into account at the initial stage, during construction and continues till the projects are complete. The accurate calculation of all these parameters can be achieved with the usage of the perfect civil engineering softwares, specially designed for this industry. There are various other allied civil engineering products that also matter in determining the results.

Civil engineering software development is not everyone’s cup of tea; only those who have expertise in handling and developing complex software jobs in civil engineering can be assigned with the task. Civil engineering companies or professionals looking towards customization of their own civil engineering software can rely fully on AIMIL (Associated Instruments Manufacturers India Limited). The company has a team of civil engineering software developers who have years of experience behind them and have a track record of developing hundreds and thousands of customized softwares for leading civil engineering companies. AIMIL is the single window provider of Civil Engineering Softwares, Civil Engineering Products, Civil Engineering Instruments and allied softwares and equipments. The company not only specializes in developing softwares but is also a renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of civil engineering products.

A software is a collection of programs, procedures and documentation, which can be worked on or viewed on a computer. AIMIL’s range of civil engineering softwares has been designed in such a manner that the instructions, machine code, moving data, computation, control flow of instructions, etc. are harmonized in the most digitized and efficient manner in sync with the contemporary and future trends. The civil engineering products are also designed, incorporating the latest technology features and their high performance and superlative efficiency is guaranteed. These products, having strict compliance to international standards, hold the AIMIL quality tag. Low price and prompt delivery are the hallmarks at AIMIL.

AIMIL has been a pioneer instrumentation company also offering consultancy services in the field of civil engineering, reinforced earth and soil structures. The ISO:9001-2000 certified company is anointed with many firsts to its credit; worth mentioning are first Indian instrument manufacturer to get its R&D department recognised by the Government of India, setting up of the first calibration centre in India, and more. The company started its operations in the year 1932 under the steering of a British entrepreneur with divisions in Singapore, Burma, Malaysia and various parts of South Asia. At the national front, i.e. in India, AIMIL has offices and dealership centres in 28 states and 7 union territories. The core strength of the company is its team of 400 personnel comprising of chemists, engineers, quality controllers, research personnel amongst others who are committed to achieving the company’s objectives.

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Top-notch, high quality testing equipments

Many companies stick to manufacturing equipments for a particular sector. There are very few companies that manufacture these equipments for all the sectors existing on this earth. The name worth mentioning that fabricates the A to Z of all testing equipments at one destination is the highly acclaimed AIMIL (Associated Instruments Manufacturers India Limited). This ISO:9001-2000 certified company has been in the good books of its clients since its very inception, catering to diverse industries with its range of testing equipments. The company is a reputed manufacturer, exporter and importer of material testing equipment, non destructive testing equipment, construction material testing equipment, industrial testing equipment and a whole lot of other related instruments. AIMIL also develops customized products as per the details and specifications provided by the clients.

AIMIL’s range of testing equipments are characterized with a number of advanced features and are designed as per latest technology that assure value for money to the client as well as the end user. Whether it is the high utility or the durability factor, each product assures low maintenance, excellent measurement capabilities and can operate on any complexity. These high performance products have been a rage both in the domestic and international market. Few of the reasons for their high popularity are their affordable price structure, high quality and their prompt delivery to any desired location in India and overseas. The timely delivery of the products is possible due to the company’s wide distribution and support network spread across 28 states and 7 union territories.

The company has a dedicated R&D cell that do research on the market trends, latest developments in the user industry and also take into account the feedback and suggestions of clients. Based on all these factors, the team advises the engineers to improvise on the existing product range so that an innovative range is manufactured in every new lot. Whether it is material testing equipment, non destructive testing equipment, construction material testing equipment, or industrial testing equipment, the buyer can avail the best in terms of quality and price.

AIMIL is a leader in the worldwide market in the testing equipment segment. The company has won the trust and support of a large number of customers from across the world. Maximum of the clients, who are giant players themselves, come for repeat orders. Commitment to achieve complete customer satisfaction is the major drive which has been upheld by the staff since its establishment in the year 1932. A strong presence of 75 years and a huge market share well validate the company’s status in the market. The brainchild of a British entrepreneur, AIMIL today operates with the back-up of 50 channel partners and 400 dedicated professionals.

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Future of Civil Engineering Consultancy is here..

The civil engineering industry is flooded with players who provide both products and consultancy services. In this cutthroat scenario, the one that rules the roost is the one that sticks to high quality and competitive prices, ensuring value for money for the end user. Associated Instruments Manufacturers India Ltd. (AIMIL Ltd.) has carved a niche in the national and international market in the area of civil engineering, providing consultancy services as well as an array of test & measurement instruments and allied products.

With almost nearing eight decades of expertise—a market presence since 1932, AIMIL has become a trendsetter in its field. Ask any who is engaged in this area and pat would come the reply, humming the Aimil tune. The brainchild of a British entrepreneur, the company has achieved a number of milestones till date, few of which are as follows:
• Branches in Singapore, Burma, Malaysia and other parts of South Asia
• First Indian instrument manufacturer to get its R&D department recognized by the Government of India
• Aimil—the first calibration centre in India
• Addressed new digital technologies like CDMA, SDH, ISDN, ATM—an innovator in the digital revolution
• Catering to a plethora of sectors embracing pharma labs, telecom, civil engineering, atomic energy, space, defence
• A single-window destination for a broad range of test & measurement instruments for varied fields

The high-tech instrumentation products that Aimil deals in conform to international and industry standards and represents leading brands of the world. The company’s ISO-9001:2000 certification itself bears testimony to the superlative quality of products and services that it offers. One can procure a wide variety of products under one roof whether it is related to broadband, commercial lasers, data acquisition, fibre optics, surveying, particle characterization, traffic monitoring, wireless, and more.

Advanced Technology and Engineering Services (ATES) is the consultancy wing of the company founded with the objective to providing civil engineering consultancy and research services facilitating companies to find practical solutions to their measurement problems. The services include ‘Numerical Modelling’, ‘Field Instrumentation’, ‘Concrete Technology’, etc. With a commitment to achieve complete customer satisfaction, the company has been delivering world-class services since its inception.

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AIMIL: Civil engineering products and consultancy under one roof

Guys, when we speak of ‘civil engineering’, which is a very vast subject, we seem to land up nowhere in trying to find the best service provider or products. The market is so full of such related civil engineering products and civil engineering consultants! It is just like trying to find out a gold fish from a multitude of fish in a pond!! Well, to start my story—the purpose of writing this article in this blog – just to familiarize you with my engineering story.

I had the resources, the platform to start a company in products like Test & Measurements related to civil engineering. I was looking for the right civil engineering consultancy, which, besides providing civil engineering consultancy on the A to Z of the subject, would also deliver products and knowledge regarding the same. One of my friends, who is already engaged in this field advised me to approach Associated Instrument Manufacturers India in short AIMIL Ltd. And I did. And that’s how my journey started. Today, I am a noted player in my arena.

So, if you are already in this field and are looking for the best test & measurement products, Aimil is your ultimate destination…you won’t regret!! Even if you are a starter or wish to expand your services and products in civil engineering, then again, Aimil is the answer. I am really reaping the fruits of the engineering consultation and products from this ISO:9001 company!!

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