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Seismic monitoring equipment is best for knowing hidden truth of earth

The field of seismology is concerned with the study of earthquakes, its effects and propagation of elastic waves caused under the crust of earth. With the increasing number of earthquakes occurring in the world, it has becomes necessary to use seismic monitoring equipment to check out its reasons. This task is carried out to apply necessary remedies that can stop the earthquakes and save the life of people that suffer due to them. The quakes, usually, occur due to geological imbalance in the crust of earth.

Apart from observing the reasons for earthquake, these equipments are also used to study the effect of earthquakes, explosions, volcanic eruptions and tsunami. Some of such monitoring equipments available in the market are frequency domain EM, data access software, induced polarization and magneto telluric induced polarization. All of them are applied to scrutinize different aspects of the earthquake and the solidity of effect caused by it. Another field that needs consideration is structure monitoring. The technical experts use structure monitoring instrument for reviewing the situation of a building or any construction.

Yet another area of scientific consideration is monitoring of vibrations. The use of vibration monitoring equipment is carried out with the purpose of measuring, displaying and analyzing vibration. With so many technical advances in the field of soil testing, there have been no chances of impurity in the materials and the results are also accurate. There are numerous companies that sell these products. You can buy them according to your need and carry out the work with much ease.


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Optical fiber testing equipment is your mate in telecomm industry

With advances in science, it is becoming easier to detect the problem. This advancement has also casted its effect on telecommunication industry. The optical fiber testing equipment has enabled the technicians to detect signal loss or changes made through optical fiber. In fact, this equipment has made it easier for the people to catch hold of problem and mend it as soon as possible. After all, everyone wants to carry out simplified procedures and complete the work quickly. Telecommunication test equipment will enable the engineer to keep a check on the strength of cables that contain thin and transparent threads of glass used to transmit signals.

The main aim of test and measurement instruments is to check the wavelength of these signals and see whether they are fine or not. Since, everything is going scientiifical; it has become mandatory for the people to carry on the tasks with the help of these equipments. Things are getting simpler with the modern techniques and it is ensuring the enhancement in the productivity or quality of work. There are numerous civil engineering companies in the market that are manufacturing optical fiber testing equipment at an affordable price. You can either purchase them directly from the company outlet or log on to their website or buy online by making payment through credit card. These equipments have been designed with the thought of catching problem of low signals, so that it can be corrected immediately to provide hassle free work flow.

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Civil engineering Softwares

Just imagine the bridges, roads, canals, dams, commercial buildings, malls, residential apartments being constructed without employing related civil engineering products. Without planning or without testing the building materials, these projects would have no longevity…there would be cracks and various other faults and there would a complete mess. I am a civil engineer myself with almost a decade of experience. I and my team also procure services like civil engineering software development and also buy civil engineering softwares that help in the planning and designing process. All sub-sectors of civil engineering like environmental engineering, structural engineering, urban engineering, materials engineering, etc. do consult IT experts for civil engineering software development or to civil engineering softwares.

I have used many civil engineering products like soil samplers, auxiliary equipment, static cone penetrometer, automatic compactor, centrifuge extractor, Marshall Apparatus, etc., especially supplied by Aimil.

Aimil manufactures civil engineering products and develops civil engineering softwares for testing as well as classifying strength properties of soil, rock, cement, asphalt and other construction materials. Civil engineering products are so vast in range that though this company develops a wide range, yet for those products which it doesn’t develop, it arranges the same for its clients. The company has a large inventory of the complete range of civil engineering products manufactured by internationally reputed brands like A.P. Van den Berg B.V. (The Netherlands), Glenammer Engineering Ltd. (U.K.), to name a few. The company arranges consultancy for civil engineering software development and also arranges civil engineering softwares like UDEC (Universal Distinct Element Code in 2 dimensions), etc.

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Civil Engineering

This is Ashutosh…We are a group of professionals undertaking civil engineering projects on a turnkey basis. Our main area of services is construction of bridges, dams, flyovers. We are also associated with infrastructure companies to execute our projects, but the initial design, planning, budget allocation, etc. are all does from our end. We very often approach companies for civil engineering consultancy as we are not that adept in undertaking the complete process all by ourselves given the risk factor as well as the high amount of money involved. Civil engineering is not as easy as it is seems and it is a complex process. We want some companies that provide both civil engineering consultancy and civil engineering instruments. What happens with us is that we procure civil engineering instruments from some company and procure civil engineering consultancy services from some other company. This is wastage of time for us.

We are in the hope at this blogging platform that at least those associated with civil engineering can recommend us some names which may help us in the smooth execution of our work. I shall be highly thankful to the people who can do it for us. One blogger friend yesterday recommended Aimil. He said that this company is a supplier of good quality civil engineering instruments and also provides civil engineering consultancy services. Is there anyone who has bought civil engineering instruments from this company or has procured civil engineering consultancy services? I have heard that it has 75 years of experience in delivering topnotch civil engineering consultancy services.

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The discipline called civil engineering

Guys, isn’t civil engineering an exciting discipline You must be wondering why at the very start I am asking this question. Well, I have got so many response from civil engineers who are a perfect blend of literature and their civil engineering expertise. Well, that’s the reason I have addressing my civil engineering friends!

The application of civil engineering products and civil engineering software is exciting too. One of my blogger friend is into civil engineering software development. He has recently joined this company called AIMIL Limited that is engaged in providing solutions related to civil engineering software development and also manufactures hundreds of instrumentation products including civil engineering products and civil engineering softwares. I have heard that this company has been active in the worldwide market in multi-dimensional fields since the last seventy-five years. My friend should be really proud to be associated with such a prestigious and big company. He says its civil engineering products are widely demanded in the world market for their competitive prices, high quality and innovative features. Though currently I am using some other brand I am planning to use products of this brand in the near future.

Well I am going beyond what I was intending to express and share. The design, construction and maintenance of any engineering project like roads, bridges, canals, dams, commercial buildings, residential buildings is no doubt of great importance. All infrastructure projects are a result of civil engineering; thanks to the vast discipline.

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What is the instrumentation industry and how does it affect the common man?

Instrumentation is a large spectrum industry and encompasses all spheres of human life via Medical diagnostics, condition and environment monitoring to process control. 

Instrumentation is required for measurement, control and analysis of various parameters which directly or indirectly affects us and our activities.

Instrumentation helps us to test, measure and control parameters and in fact acts as a catalyst to development process.

This industry is actually dependant on the progress of other industries.  Positive growth in the economy will bring growth in this sector.

Demand for Civil Engineering Instruments is determined by two major facts  – either legislation or productivity.

To the extent that quality is related to productivity, the increased demand for quality that is being felt in the Indian market place because of globalisation as never before, is pushing this market to a new high.

With international barriers getting eroded, and the emerging convergence of economies, international legislation is coming to India but the real impact of this is yet to be felt as it is related to aspects of our legal system reform which will take time to give the necessary “teeth” to our legislative processes.  Once this happens there is no looking back.

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Future of Civil Engineering Consultancy is here..

The civil engineering industry is flooded with players who provide both products and consultancy services. In this cutthroat scenario, the one that rules the roost is the one that sticks to high quality and competitive prices, ensuring value for money for the end user. Associated Instruments Manufacturers India Ltd. (AIMIL Ltd.) has carved a niche in the national and international market in the area of civil engineering, providing consultancy services as well as an array of test & measurement instruments and allied products.

With almost nearing eight decades of expertise—a market presence since 1932, AIMIL has become a trendsetter in its field. Ask any who is engaged in this area and pat would come the reply, humming the Aimil tune. The brainchild of a British entrepreneur, the company has achieved a number of milestones till date, few of which are as follows:
• Branches in Singapore, Burma, Malaysia and other parts of South Asia
• First Indian instrument manufacturer to get its R&D department recognized by the Government of India
• Aimil—the first calibration centre in India
• Addressed new digital technologies like CDMA, SDH, ISDN, ATM—an innovator in the digital revolution
• Catering to a plethora of sectors embracing pharma labs, telecom, civil engineering, atomic energy, space, defence
• A single-window destination for a broad range of test & measurement instruments for varied fields

The high-tech instrumentation products that Aimil deals in conform to international and industry standards and represents leading brands of the world. The company’s ISO-9001:2000 certification itself bears testimony to the superlative quality of products and services that it offers. One can procure a wide variety of products under one roof whether it is related to broadband, commercial lasers, data acquisition, fibre optics, surveying, particle characterization, traffic monitoring, wireless, and more.

Advanced Technology and Engineering Services (ATES) is the consultancy wing of the company founded with the objective to providing civil engineering consultancy and research services facilitating companies to find practical solutions to their measurement problems. The services include ‘Numerical Modelling’, ‘Field Instrumentation’, ‘Concrete Technology’, etc. With a commitment to achieve complete customer satisfaction, the company has been delivering world-class services since its inception.

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AIMIL: Civil engineering products and consultancy under one roof

Guys, when we speak of ‘civil engineering’, which is a very vast subject, we seem to land up nowhere in trying to find the best service provider or products. The market is so full of such related civil engineering products and civil engineering consultants! It is just like trying to find out a gold fish from a multitude of fish in a pond!! Well, to start my story—the purpose of writing this article in this blog – just to familiarize you with my engineering story.

I had the resources, the platform to start a company in products like Test & Measurements related to civil engineering. I was looking for the right civil engineering consultancy, which, besides providing civil engineering consultancy on the A to Z of the subject, would also deliver products and knowledge regarding the same. One of my friends, who is already engaged in this field advised me to approach Associated Instrument Manufacturers India in short AIMIL Ltd. And I did. And that’s how my journey started. Today, I am a noted player in my arena.

So, if you are already in this field and are looking for the best test & measurement products, Aimil is your ultimate destination…you won’t regret!! Even if you are a starter or wish to expand your services and products in civil engineering, then again, Aimil is the answer. I am really reaping the fruits of the engineering consultation and products from this ISO:9001 company!!

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